The New

A Consumer-Driven Brand Platform

The Insight

FMCG is an exciting and fast-paced industry, but even in 2017, it’s very traditional in its approach to marketing. That’s not the case with Tilda though. As the leading high-end brand in basmati rice, they were looking for a way to bring their story to life and generate ongoing engagement with their audience.

With high competition from own-label and the Mars backed Uncle Ben’s, we knew that achieving cut-through with advertising was never going to be sustainable. We needed a customer-obsessed owned media strategy. Tilda had a loyal consumer base, but little was known about them, and the vast majority of Tilda’s marketing was promotional. We had to change that mindset.

The Relationship

Back in 2011, we started working with them to improve their digital knowledge and skills. That quickly led to the creation of a five-year digital marketing strategy that would help the brand kick on.

That strategy has been lived and breathed ever since: we’ve updated their site, created dozens of videos, eBooks and social assets, run integrated campaigns alongside Tilda’s other agencies, and supported the leadership team on annual strategic planning. The consumer insight we’ve gained in that time has enabled Tilda to lead the field in data-driven content marketing in the FMCG sector.

New Site Development

We used the insights learned from those five years to create a site that both meets consumer need and expresses Tilda’s brand mission. Put simply, it has helped us deliver a site that Tilda’s audience would find genuinely useful, and that generates ongoing data collection to further refine and mature the brand’s content marketing strategy.

A monthly commitment to content publishing with layered NPD and seasonal campaigns all anchored to the main website, supported by always-on social activity, means every bit of effort compounds to build a traffic-generating machine. The recently re-launched anchors to the modern consumer, providing thoughtful content not just around healthy, delicious recipes, but also a healthy lifestyle. Truly bringing their Genuine Goodness brand positioning to life in a way that is useful and relevant to their target audience.

The Result

The new site has delivered innovative ways to better atomise content, helping Tilda squeeze the benefit out of their content investment. The highly evolved WordPress CMS it has been built on uses our experience of running marketing, shifting even more flexibility to the marketers in the creation of rich campaign pages, further reducing the reliance on technical skills and time to publish.