Every Minute Matters


The RFL asked us to help them communicate the 2015 league restructure to fans in the UK. We helped them usher in a new era of rugby league where Every Minute Matters.

The Client Said…

“The response from the public and from the RFL team has been overwhelmingly positive – from the chief exec down, we couldn’t be happier. The effort put in by First 10 to achieve quality results within such a tight timeframe has been really appreciated”

Mark Foster, Marketing Director of RFL

A Two Week Deadline

With a deadline of just two-and-a-half weeks to take the project from start to finish, we had to work fast.

We got straight to the point: we asked ourselves, what are the RFL trying to do here, and why should the fans care? The answer to both of these questions: to change rugby league for the better, and make every minute, in every game, in every league matter.

Creative Communications

The creative scope of the campaign was partially limited as we had to reflect the RFL’s existing ‘extraordinary’ brand-style, but other than that we were free to explain the change in structure in our own way. We chose taglines to inspire excitement among fans, and convey it as a monumental break in rugby league history, second only to rugby league’s split from rugby union all those years ago. So, through three different channels, we told the story of a ‘New Era’ of rugby league, where ‘Every Minute Matters.’

We Created On & Offline Content, Including

  • A YouTube video animation
  • A league map for Facebook and Twitter
  • A leaflet with an infographic for game day
  • A fully-customisable platform for each club


The impact of these efforts was fantastic. Through Every Minute Matters, we enabled our client to communicate a potentially complicated message in a simple way that fans could grasp and share in an instant. The results were overwhelmingly positive: we tracked sentiment around the #RLNewEra tag and found that the vast majority of comments looked a bit like this…


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