The 2020 Group

The 2020 Group

Consultancy and Web Build

Ex-accountants The 2020 Group wanted to create a website providing industry standard information and enabling accountants to store and share their learning history and progression using one central dashboard.

The Challenge

Build a Continuing Professional Development platform for accountants worldwide.

The 2020 Group recognised accountants may face issues organising and submitting their CPD. Having multiple spreadsheets to track their progress and manually submitting can be complicated and time consuming. They wanted to build a website that helped individual accountants and firms around the world centralise and securely store all the information they would need for CPD, streamlining the process and providing engaging content, industry leading knowledge, forums, events, industry conversation on social networks and webinars.

The Solution

A highly sophisticated WordPress site that simplified the learning process.

We built a website that works internationally allowing members of The 2020 Group to access and share resources pertaining to tax professionals and accountants. We pushed WordPress to its limit, integrating Xero accounting software, Infusionsoft ECRM and the backend of WordPress to seamlessly integrate all three databases. We created bespoke plugins, included member permission levels and automated all learning activity, helping to streamline the CPD process and centralise all information.


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