Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct

Assisting communities in owning and running their own local clubs.

Supporters Direct asked us to help them tell their story of how their Club Development programme supports clubs at all levels across the country to raise funds and ultimately to assist communities in owning and running their own local clubs.

The problem

The SD Club Development team face delivery of a lengthy PowerPoint presentations to rooms full of people each week, assuming that audiences remember what they say and that they read the materials offered to them. They need a way to bring their core message to life in and after presentations.

The Solution

The answer of course, was a video. Using their presentations, content from their website and working closely with the Club Development team to create a script that said exactly what they needed to say, the result was a creative and informational animated explainer video.

Supporters Direct Video

Video Artwork

Supporters Direct Stadium
Supporters Direct Characters
Supporters Direct icons
“Great stuff, concise, informative, held the interest and more importantly, I actually think I understand the offer much more as a result! Believe me that’s some achievement!!”
“An excellent piece of work. Well done. This will be very useful at future presentations.”
“Its slick, professional, and explains everything in a very digestible way”


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