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Building awareness and engagement around their key subject at the time - planning

Launched in 2010, Smart Insights provides an online portal where marketeers can find advice to improve their commercial results and develop skills. We were asked by Smart Insights to consider ways we can build new awareness and engagement around their key subject at the time – planning.

The Strategy

We know from experience that plans in marketing are critical, though often under-utilised. We also know people want to be successful, leading us to arrive at our overarching communications line – “Plan to Succeed”.

Smart Insights has a suite of tools available (co-authored and designed by First 10) so we already knew what their audience valued, and that the SI audience would be key to securing new customers.

We set out with a clear focus of creating something worth sharing, something genuinely useful and interesting. Organising a stream of content over several weeks / months would then reinforce the importance and size of the subject we were pushing. Especially at a key planning time of the year.

What we did

  • Supported SI on the campaign strategy and activation plans
  • Supported SI on an outreach programme to ensure the tools were visible and accessible to those interested
  • Designed and built a dedicated "Plan to Succeed" campaign section
  • A core piece of content that would work both on and off-site was created in the form of a Slideshare – The Five Sins of Bad Marketing (and how to fix them).
  • Created a critical graphic: “The Hierarchy of Planning.” A key element in understanding management of bigger brands and multiple teams is that not all plans are made equal.
  • Made a suite of tools that significantly helped with planning, including a free-to-download marketing template
Smart Insights | Plan to Succeed
The Slideshare has so far been viewed nearly 20,000 times


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