The RFL had teamed up with Sky to get more kids watching and playing Rugby League. They needed a way to bring that story to life on Sky Sports, on social and on stadium screens across the country.

The Client Said…

“A beautiful piece of animation backed up by an insightful, truthful idea that showed a true understanding of both our mission, and our fans.”

Sarah-Jane Gray, SkyTry Programme Manager

The idea

The first part of the job was to identify the hook, the idea that would underpin both this video and the wider Sky Try communications strategy that we were asked to inform. After a chunk of research, a trip to the training ground and a few beers at a Leeds Rhinos game, we arrived at the realisation that while individual teams were important, the community of the game was central to the success of the Super League. So if we wanted to get fans behind SkyTry, we needed to tie it into to that bigger idea, the idea that their involvement would make the game they love bigger and better than ever. This had to be about wider tribe, not about the local club.

The narrative

The ultimate aim of SkyTry was to act as a conveyor belt for getting talent and fans into the game. To attract new talent and bring it through schools’ rugby and academies into Super League and the national set up. Our piece told the story of that journey from sofa to stardom and featured 3D models of leading League stars that would be used across social and wider marketing strategy.

The animation

The technical elements and the deadline for this project meant that we had neither the resource nor the time to do it all in-house. So we pulled together a team from around the world – a 3D animator from Lisbon, 3D modelers, illustrators and character designers from Sao Paulo and a composer from LA. The 3D animation was created using Maya, compositing and visual effects were added in post-production using After Effects and the whole project was managed and delivered using Trello project management… and a lot of Skype calls.


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