Sky Try

Awareness And Engagement Campaign

The Challange

Build awareness, engagement and participation 
in the SkyTry programme.
Due to the partnership between Sky and the RFL there were two competing requirements from our work on the project. To attract greater audiences for Sky’s coverage of the Super League, and attract new talent into grassroots Rugby League. Despite Sky’s involvement, budgets weren’t huge, so our focus was on creating an asset that could be used across social, match-day screens and on Sky Sports.

The Solution

Through research into the nature of Rugby League fan’s relationship to teams and the RFL, we arrived at the insight that while individual teams were important, the community of the game was central to the success of the Super League.

So if we wanted to get fans behind SkyTry, we needed to tie it into to that bigger idea, the idea that their involvement would make the game they love bigger and better than ever. This had to be about the wider tribe, not about the local club.

The Campaign

By connecting with existing fan database through email, partnerships with League clubs, and through targeted Facebook and Twitter campaigns, we were able to spread the message, and gain invaluable first party data that helped to inform future campaign activity and refine wider RFL marketing strategy.