Without fans, football is nothing, there is no spectacle, no revenue and nobody to consume their news. We’re tired of media spin, tired of club rhetoric. Connected, fans can change the game. A First 10 Start up.

Fans recognise that they’re limited in the ways they can influence what’s happening in the world of football. How can they regain their voice? How can they put the soul back in their club? How can we change the relationship between the fans, their clubs and the players? We wanted to try something new. Something different to the typical football debates on existing social channels.

The solution

To fulfil our mission we knew we needed a way of capturing fan opinions in a simple, engaging way, our first feature to help us do that was interactive image based polling in a mobile friendly way. The poll’s functionality is designed to reflect match-day rituals and the way fans consume football. Whether it’s discussions pre-match on the way to the ground, controversial moments during the match or fan reactions to insights post game.

Focussing initially on the UK football Premier League football clubs, the purpose is simple: we want the fan’s voice to be heard and contrasted against the Opta pro performance data. Scorem captures and shares fan opinion that can be used to create a live feedback loop to the clubs, media and commentators surrounding football.

Scorem is our very own project, and it’s still in Beta, but we’re working hard to add continually add features as well as grow the team which now includes professional footballer Joey Barton. Watch this space!

We delivered…

  • Design and build of an intuitive, fully responsive, accessible, mobile web app
  • An online space that gives fans the potential be heard and taken seriously by their clubs
  • A platform that empowers fans to give feedback and connect with like-minded people
  • A new channel to counter the views and opinions currently represented by most other media
  • Social sharing and interaction outside the platform built in
Scorem Mockup

“On big football nights we’re seeing around 9,000 concurrent users on the platform and over 80,000 votes cast


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