Royal Canin

Responsive Web Design

Royal Canin

We designed a responsive website with a user-friendly search facility and full-screen map for multinational pet nutrition brand Royal Canin.

A web design dilemma

Pet nutrition specialists Royal Canin came to us with an unusual problem: halfway through a new website build, the agency they’d hired to design the look and feel of the site had let them down. They needed to find another agency capable of delivering high-end, responsive web design fast, so we decided to take it on.

Creating an easy customer route to purchase

Unlike a lot of pet food brands, Royal Canin only sell their products through reputed vets and pet stores, and never through supermarkets. This poses a significant challenge to product distribution, which is limited to a relatively small number of specialist pet outlets.
The key objective for our web design team was to make it easy for customers to find stockists in their area, and make the route to purchase as intuitive and efficient as possible. A key part of our project was designing a user-friendly search facility for the website with a full-screen map, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to pinpoint and purchase from their nearest Royal Canin stockist.

Iteractive design across two continents

Working through a rapid, iterative web design process with stakeholders in London and Montpellier, and an external development team in Morocco, posed some interesting challenges. We used online tool Invision to make the design process as efficient and collaborative as possible: we’d share our designs with Royal Canin page-by-page, talk through them together online, then once Royal Canin were 100 per cent happy with the look and feel of the revised designs, we’d send them on to the development team in Morocco.

Each design was delivered as a flat HTML/CSS responsive webpage, so the Royal Canin team could see exactly how the site would look and behave on different devices. This also allowed the development team to have a clear picture of what the client intended for the website without leaving much up to their interpretation, which is often the case with PSD web design.


Our design was just one part of a wider project, so there’s no precise way of measuring the impact of what we delivered. What we can say for sure is that Royal Canin were really happy with the look and feel of the site, and the design process itself, which due to our use of Invision and HTML/CSS webpages that ran smoothly across three different countries.

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