Worn My Way

Brand Platform And Campaign Proposition

The Challenge

Re-launch an icon and build a brand platform to drive retail.

We were tasked with helping PUMA reach UK customers and get their two main retailers excited too. But how do you do that? It started with understanding how and why influencers would wear PUMA Suede in the first place. The products wide colour range and innate flexibility was the hook.

The ‘Worn My Way’ campaign quickly took shape.

The Solution

We created an online hub to host conversations, competitions, and product and retail integration campaigns, then used online and offline advertising tactics to amplify the hub’s ideas and content. The campaign gained early industry coverage, with the likes of Marketing Magazine, Timeout and Brand Republic picking up the launch and strategy of the campaign. The hub ensured we maintained a consistent and always on visibility, and made sure the audience we built delivered insights needed to inform future campaigns.

The Result

PUMA UK’s most successful brand and retail campaign in recent years.

With minimal paid media spend the platform  generated 100,000’s visitors, 10,000’s of leads and supported retailers in the selling of over 2,000,000 pairs of PUMA suedes