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How do you become part of daily consumer interactions? With 'snackable', social content - that's how

How do you become part of daily consumer interactions? A challenge brands often face. We helped PUMA keep up with the rise of social media and mobile tech by producing easy-to-consume content: otherwise known as “snackable” content.

The solution

The single largest challenge with campaigns like this is finding the point where brand communication and consumer interests meet. Creating a partnership with Prozone, who provide detailed player and match analysis for the worlds elite football clubs, we decided to arm PUMA’s UK football fans with the data, insight and information that their friends potentially didn’t yet know in interesting graphical formats. Utilising key social channels to ensure that content we created was available to the right kind of audience.

Using the data provided by Prozone, we created mini infographics at key times throughout the week – which included the kind of data that brands like Sky Sports and the BBC wouldn’t be able to access. It was crucial to build this into the consistent design style of PUMA’s then-current brand campaign: PUMA’s Nature of Performance.

We delivered…

  • Infographics and other content at key times during the week, throughout the year
  • PUMA Footballs most successful year on Facebook
  • Content for external blog sites such as soccerbible.com – or graphics posts became part of some of their weekly updates.


Image Gallery

Gianluigi Buffon - Italy Nation Team Champion
Michael Carrick Pass rate Success
Cesc Fàbregas Central Midfielder for Spain
Michael Carrick Control Freak
Marco Reus - Europe 2012/13
Sergio Agüero - Make His Own Space
Control Freaks
Yaya Touré - Control Freak
Sergio Agüero 2012/12 Season Review
The Nature of Radamel Falcao

Animated Data Screens


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