Prozone Brand Activation

How we activated their new brand to customers, employees and the wider industry

Following on from a brand workshop, the Prozone team asked us to help activate their new brand to customers, employees and the wider industry.

The Challenge

Combine two former rivals under one new brand

These were two former rivals who practically owned the world of sports analysis between them. Our challenge was to help them find shared ground, and begin to function as one organization with shared ideals, shared goals and a shared passion for sport. This was more than a few brand guidelines and a shiny new logo. It was about ushering in a new culture and a new means of communication.

The Solution

Tell the story of how they ‘Change the Game’

We helped build the new brand from the ground-up: by running brand workshops, creating brand guidelines, building an internal comms platform that was fully maintainable by in-house teams and an animating an employee video to educate and motivate the team.

And that all started from the discovery of their own genuinely unifying, single organising principle: Change The Game.

To ensure the rollout was consistent and visible to employees at every turn, we went the extra mile and designed smaller items including brochures, business cards and t-shirts.

  • We ran a brand workshop to define their joint Single Organising Principle, mature the brand and identify customer personas
  • Designed and built a multi-language website which integrated with their internal communication platform, had reporting and insights tracking, social sharing and newsletter signup
  • Developed and internal communication platform
  • Created an employee video, to make sure the team was assigned with the new rollout of the brand
  • Scripted, storyboarded and animated and external communications video for use at exhibitions and sharing online
  • Developed and created the new brand guidelines
  • Design of additional brand material including notebooks, brochures, business cards and T-shirts
Prozone website

Prozone Video Gallery


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