Live Happier

A pioneering, serve-first customer experience platform to change the way a FTSE100 institution approaches the marketing of retirement and investments products. Invented and brought to life by First 10.


Retirement has changed in ways not yet fully understood. We are living longer and more active lives and while retirement used to be the “final leg” it’s now very much our second life. Over 50’s have more time, resources, knowledge, skills and 85% of the UK’s wealth, but there’s very little support, Government information or advice to help people understand their options and opportunities in retirement. It was through these insights Live Happier was born.


First 10 partnered Aviva to create the UK’s first dedicated platform to help people design the retirement that they want. It’s a free online resource, packed with information and inspiration about life in our fifties and beyond. It unites a community of like-minded people and it holds a series of educational guides around the themes of planning, finance, work, wellbeing, leisure and relationships.


Live Happier is a branded, content platform made up of six interactive, rapid fire modules backed up with deep, expert content from life-coaches and psychology experts Dr. Barrie Hopson & Mike Scally. Free expert advice with utilities that help me make decisions enable Aviva to demonstrate their commitment to customers over 55, everyday.


Aviva’s customer centric approach is grounded in creating more value for customers outside their transactions with Aviva, whilst of course providing a wealth of data for personalised content, targeted sales offers, market research and trend analysis outside of softer brand building.

As a subscription based, interactive platform, the volume of explicit and behavioural data is what makes Live Happier an exceptional value proposition for Aviva, a new kind of data that drives ongoing communications with customers, prospects with email forming the majority of communication in keeping users up-to-date with timely, relevant, personalised and automated email.

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