Live Happier

Consumer Centred Marketing Strategy

The Idea

We had an idea. It was our first attempt as an agency to identify an unmet need and then find a brand that it would suit strategically. We packaged an idea we’d had about taking self-help online. We focussed it around a market, conducted the research and built out the idea. Aviva were the first we pitched to… and they bought it before our hour was up.

The Solution

The solution was to create a content rich environment that would help people plan a retirement that would make them happy. Through inspirational stories and advice from world renowned life-coaches we built out an interactive and useful platform. The platform and community are engaged with daily and new content added weekly.

The Result

Live Happier went live in beta in Dec 2016 and through the early weeks of low-level email testing its results were encouraging. Turning traffic into registrations at 12%, higher than any previous interactive, data capture platform. The insights gained into people in the process of retirement and pension planning, and the ability to offer timely, relevant and personalised communications to them, has delivered ‘true competitive advantage’ for Aviva.