Re-Branding Barton

Brand, Web And Social

The Challenge

Transform Joey Barton’s online presence. A nice easy job then!

When Joey came to us he knew his public image was in dire shape. He was struggling to get interviews and didn’t know how to let the world know he wasn’t the vicious criminal and general reprobate the media painted him as. He wanted to change the misconceptions about his character and work towards becoming a credible and considered voice in football.

Finding a voice

Help Joey become “football’s philosopher king”

After an initial consultation where we looked at what he was trying to achieve, the public’s current perception of him and the way we could create an online personal brand to mirror and portray his characteristics, we helped Joey to find his online voice and built him a website and helped him get heard.


Changing opinion

We secured a partnership between him and leading sports data company Opta so that he could create informed and considered content as well as providing him with guidance and support. Through multi-channel comms Joey went from, in his words, being “unable get an interview in f*cking Golf Weekly” to someone with over three million followers on Twitter and a column in the Big Issue. He was even asked to appear as a guest on Question Time. We’d say that’s a job well done.