Explaining Pension Reforms

Aviva Pensions Reform Explainer

Another budget. Another set of reforms. And lots of people stressing out because they had no idea what the reforms meant, how they might be affected and what would happen to their pension..

The Challenge

Explain the new pension reforms in 
a simple, accessible way.

Aviva knew that lots of people were struggling to understand exactly what the pension reforms might mean for them. It was all annuities this. Draw down that. And more financial jargon than a Canary Wharf lift at rush hour.

The Solution

A hugely popular video! And a new design style for Aviva.

We worked with them to create a video script that made the complexities of the reforms seem simple and straightforward. We then guided the team through the process of storyboarding and animation. The finished video established an animation style that has since been used across a range of above and below campaigns by Aviva.

The Video


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