Engage Mutual Foundation

Or, "How do you differentiate yourself in the competitive financial services market"

Engage Mutual are owned by their customers and work for their benefit. They’d recently launched the Engage Foundation, a £1 million fund for their customers and the communities they live in, with a plan to donate the money over three years and make a positive difference to people’s lives. We were asked to help bring the Foundation project to life.

The Strategy

There were two main objectives: tell the Engage Foundation story, and get the customers involved.

We designed a dedicated portal for all things Foundation and helped their in-house development team to build it with WordPress. The Foundation site allows customers to promote projects that are important to them, with the projects that receive the most votes been the ones that receive a share of the £1m.

To help customers learn about the foundation and the history behind it, we created a timeline to showcase Engage’s past community contributions.

To round things off we produced a 90 second video which anyone can watch to get a good idea of what the Foundation is all about.

It all went live in January 2014 and judging by feedback from both client and customers, and most importantly the level of interest in the Foundation, the campaign has been a resounding success.

What we did

  • Scoped and designed the new Foundation website, to allow customers to promote and vote on community projects
  • Scripting, storyboarding and production of a full 3D animated explainer video
  • Detailed customer journey mapping
  • Platform build consultation
  • Content mapping
  • Campaign emails to drive existing customers to the new Foundation
Engage Foundation Mockups
In the first six months after the launch of the Foundation, Engage saw a 300% increase in site traffic year on year
The Engage Foundation received over 1200 community award and personal grant applications in those first six months too

Foundation Explainer Video


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