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We’d already helped Bella Italia better understand their audience. And define their brand. And find their voice. And build a pretty significant social media following. Now they wanted us to pull all that together and give the Bella brand a home.

The Insight

Engaging with Bella customers on a brand level to create greater loyalty.

By understanding both the Bella brand and the needs and motivations of their audiences, we’d been able to engage with existing and prospective audiences and help them move away from the traditional theme restaurant digital strategy.

You know the deal: offer voucher in return for email address. Rinse. Repeat. And keep on repeating.

Over the course of the 12 months before site build began, we’d spent a lot of time helping Bella’s marketing teams work through their audience segmentation and their brand messages. We then put all that to work through their social channels.

The Solution

Less promos. More brand experience.

The successes of the social work we did for Bella convinced them of the need for a more integrated approach that would drive both loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately result in an audience that is activated and has Bella Italia front of mind when they fancy a meal out.
So what did we actually build? A fully responsive WordPress site that integrated with their existing CRM, voucher code generation and table booking systems and took advantage of Google Maps API to create custom maps and restaurant walkthroughs.

We also created the industry-leading Bella Together members hub that offers personalised offers, competitions, blogs and content designed exclusively for registered community members. This nurture campaign was designed to create an increasingly complex consumer profile and feed targeted eCRM activity to make the most of the leads and data by offering more personalised offers, content and brand experience.


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