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A tech-driven shift has dialled up the expectation that people have about their digital experience with your brand. The people who’s attention we each crave now have more choice, more channels and a tonne more distraction, all packed into a small screen in their pocket. We can whine about it or plan for it, the market doesn't care unless we help them to feel something.

97% waste.
We see the majority of people tentatively engaging with brands just drift away, every single day. People who saw no good reason to hang around or come back. Brands have to work smarter, beyond one-size, multi-channel product-promotion.

Better, faster and cheaper.
Brand is the vehicle to stop wasting that hard bought attention. It’s the means to matter, to be relevant, useful and even memorable to a far greater number of people, this way they’re more likely to become tomorrow’s customers. Branded, digital experiences are a better, faster and cheaper way to build persistent connections with more people; personalised interactions that drive the next. Over, and again.

A brand-tech agency since 2010.
We’re a group of people who use real-time insights to fuel creative thinking, we use technology to build brand experiences that people welcome; we are experienced doers and makers who specialise in getting the work done.

Dan Bosomworth

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Dan assembled First 10 in early 2010 as a digital consultancy, co-founding around the same time. He brings a little under 20 years experience in direct and digital marketing to the business, working both agency and client-side where he ran a commercial sales and marketing team of more than 30 people. A creative at heart and specialist in strategic problem solving, Dan partners clients across ideas generation, workshops and strategic planning.

Recently married with a new baby, Dan’s quietly excited and terrified as to what that means to relaxing weekends and getting a restful nights sleep.

Chris Soames

Co-founder, Client Services Director

Chris co-founded First 10 with Dan B in 2010. With close to a decades experience of strategic planning, integrated marketing, digital technology and people management you will find Chris working across all First 10 clients and projects, especially when it comes to strategic requirements and problem solving. Chris also spends his time running the management team in charge of the day to day commercial running of First 10. When he isn’t at work (which he nearly always is) you will likely find Chris in the Lake district or some country most haven’t heard of.

Andrew Campbell

Head of Martech

Andrew is the epitome of the modern digital marketer with a strong technical orientation and a passion for using this to deliver stand out experiences for consumers and competitive advantage for brands.

He is as excited about the possibilities of content marketing today as he was about the emergence of CRM in the 1980s, ecommerce in the 1990s and social media in the 2000s. His mix of client and agency experience and expertise provide a rounded perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing clients in leveraging digital, social and mobile technology present to create value for their customers.

As the ‘wise old man’ of First10 he can sometimes be heard complaining about Account Managers not polishing their shoes/wearing a tie or talking about how his old Nokia 6310 (2001) mobile phone is a classic and still works.

If the house phone is sh*t use this one (big, bald, scary blow !)

Paul Hill

Head of Brand Experience

With 10 years experience in marketing, eCommerce and tech across SME and PLC organisations Paul leads our Client Services team at First 10 with ‘Client Happiness’ his favourite KPI. His experience working client side in consultancy, project management and director level operational roles brings a wide range of experience to the team. Paul’s claim to fame is that he once appeared on an album cover, though he’s never owned up to which band!

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