It will take over 6 million years to watch all the video that will be streamed across the internet each month by 2016. We're just trying to make sure some of it's worth watching.


Why Video?


It can make something complicated seem simple


It makes an idea, or story, easy to share


Informs by getting someones attention

Our Showreel

Engage, excite & earn

Over the years we’ve created video marketing collateral for a range of clients who were looking to tell stories, create buzz and generate brand interaction. To that end we primarily focus on:

  • Brand explainer videos
  • Micro and short form video for social
  • Product showcasing
  • Animations and motion graphics
  • Live action video production and editing
  • Internal communication content

Our Approach

Our approach is always tailored to fit your brand and your organisation, but this is how the process usually works:

1. Target market profiling

This is the key to success of any video campaign. We look beyond traditional marketing demographics to understand the true nature of your market: Who are we speaking to? What appeals to them? How will your message resonate with them? What are they engaging with online? What social channels do they exist in? And how do we get them to engage with your message? Understanding all this is what earns consumer trust and gains us the permission to talk to them and their online communities.

2. Campaign objectives & KPIs

We’ll work with you to understand what you’re looking to achieve with your video content. Whether that’s creating brand-awareness and increasing reach, engaging with existing consumers and building more meaningful relationships, or delivering a sales message that will effectively convert brand affinity into sales, we’ll identify marketing KPIs and campaign objectives that we’ll work through to achieve your aims.

3. Creative & production

Once we’ve discovered what you’re trying to achieve we’ll work with you to produce initial concepts and outline the final scope of the video. We’ll then create storyboards and scripts, design concepts and voiceover suggestions and we’ll take care of all aspects of production. And at every step of the process we’ll ensure that everything is working to deliver on your KPIs and business objectives.

4. Marketing & social distribution

We’ll ensure that your video reaches its intended audience through a negotiated selection of owned, paid and earned media. The exact nature of this activity will depend on your campaign objectives, but as a rule we’ll optimise your video for search, create a bespoke seeding strategy that helps drive reach and awareness and increase conversations on social media through tying its placement to its intended audience.