Technology to drive insight, relevance and engagement

The growing availability and affordability of powerful technology that generates accurate consumer data means that highly sophisticated, highly personalised content marketing is affordable and accessible to pretty much everyone.

Tech aside, there’s one key thing you’ll need to make that all marketing work properly… you need to genuinely care about your audience.

Build things that solve problems.

The world is full of clever bits of technology. But brands only begin to matter when they point all that tech at big problems their audiences face, and solve them.

Tethering that tech to a wider audience-centric strategy is a win-win. Consumers needs are met and brands get to own the data and leverage the insights to build a buying audience.

The devil is in the detail.

Once you’ve aligned a strategy to the problem it solves, it’s all about the nailing down the detail – customer journey mapping, multichannel media planning, content and personalisation strategies, and data modelling.

Defining and formalising all this allows you to build and deploy with greater certainty of relevance, meaning and return.

Harvest data. Deliver insight

This ongoing, goal-orientated collection of customer data creates a genuinely insightful view of your customer. One that can be used to enhance the customer experience and build relevance and utility.

This proprietary data set is a valuable corporate asset and the deep insights it creates are a true source of sustainable, defensible competitive advantage.

Drive engagement to build an audience

Owned platforms such as websites, mobile apps and social properties are the primary tool for customer engagement. The content created and housed there can also be atomised, repurposed and shared across multiple channels to ensure a consistent customer experience.

The decisioning engine that drives platform personalisation can also be use to deploy CRM and customer life cycle management programmes that build, sustain and energise digital customer experience, build relevance for your brand and generate ongoing return on investment.