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How to Write an SEO Proposal That Converts

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Winning SEO Proposal Strategies for Freelancers and Solopreneurs

In this article, we’ll cover the essential ingredients of how to write a successful SEO proposal that converts new clients. We’ll highlight common challenges in the process, look at the one thing you must include in an SEO proposal, and review very briefly the top three proposal software tools that make it easy and quick to win new clients.

Gone are the days of pouring over a blank Word document for hours, wondering what to include in your winning SEO proposal. There’s software now; it saves time, tracks the data you need to close the deal and automates most of the important content. Less time on a screen means more time for doing fun stuff with your people. Back of the net!

Let’s have at it.

First 10 Artisan SEO Proposal Template Cover Page
First 10 Artisan SEO Proposal Template Cover Page

Common Proposal Writing Challenges For SEOs

In proposal writing, SEO professionals often face several common challenges:

Communicating Technical Aspects: SEO is complex and full of jargon. A significant challenge is simplifying these concepts without losing their essence so clients who may not be SEO-savvy can understand the value being offered.

Tailoring Proposals to Each Client: Each client has unique needs and goals. Creating a proposal that feels personalised and directly addresses these specific requirements can be time-consuming but is crucial for success.

Demonstrating Value and ROI: Clients want to know what return they can expect on their investment. Clearly articulating the potential ROI of SEO efforts in a way that aligns with their business objectives can be challenging.

Setting Realistic Expectations: Managing client expectations regarding timelines and results is difficult. SEO often requires time to see significant results, and conveying this while keeping clients engaged and optimistic is a delicate balance.

Keyword Research Proposal Cover Page Template from Canva
Keyword Research Proposal Cover Page Template from Canva

Differentiating Services: The SEO market is saturated with service providers. Standing out by showcasing unique value propositions or methodologies can be challenging but is essential to win clients.

Pricing Structure Clarity: Determining and justifying the cost of services, especially in a field with varied pricing models, is challenging. SEO professionals must ensure their pricing is competitive yet reflective of the value they provide.

Keeping Proposals Up to Date: SEO best practices change rapidly. Regularly updating proposal content to reflect the latest trends and algorithm updates is crucial to remain relevant and authoritative.

Ensuring Legal and Ethical Compliance: Ensuring proposals meet legal requirements and adhere to ethical SEO practices is vital to maintaining trust and credibility.

Addressing these challenges effectively in proposal writing can significantly increase an SEO professional’s chances of winning new clients and building successful, long-term relationships.

High Impact Artisan SEO Proposal Cover Page Canva Template
High Impact Artisan SEO Proposal Cover Page Canva Template

The One Thing You Must Include in Your SEO Proposal

The most important thing to include in a proposal to convince a new client is clearly demonstrating value specific to their business needs. This involves showing a deep understanding of the client’s business, industry, and unique challenges and clearly articulating how your services will address these issues and contribute to their goals.

This demonstration of value should be supported by:

Customised Strategy: Tailor your approach to align with the client’s specific business objectives and challenges.

ROI Projections: Provide realistic projections of the return on investment backed by data and examples.

Case Studies or Testimonials: Include success stories or endorsements from past clients, especially those in similar industries or with similar challenges.

Clear Communication: Use simple, jargon-free language to make your proposal accessible and engaging.

By focusing on how your services will directly benefit the client in measurable ways, you can effectively convey the value of your partnership and significantly increase your chances of winning the client over.

Template front cover of a First10 Artisan SEO Proposal
Template front cover of a First10 Artisan SEO Proposal

Crafting an SEO Proposal That Stands Out

  1. Personalization is Key: According to Proposify, proposals tailored to a client’s specific needs and pain points have a significantly higher conversion rate. Dive deep into understanding your potential client’s business and craft your proposal to address their unique SEO challenges.
  2. Showcase Your Strategy: Leverage tools like PandaDoc to present a concise plan. Outline how you will improve their rankings with a step-by-step strategy, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link-building tactics, and content creation plans.
  3. Incorporate Tech Advances: Utilize the latest tech tools like GetAccept or DocuSign to add a professional touch. These tools streamline the proposal process and show that you’re up-to-date with current technology, making your proposal more appealing.
  4. Prove Your Worth with Case Studies: Nothing speaks louder than results. Include a case study demonstrating how your SEO efforts have significantly benefited similar businesses. This real-world proof can be the nudge a client needs to choose you.
  5. Be Transparent with Pricing: Clearly outline your pricing structure in the proposal. Use a service like Better Proposals to help design an easy-to-understand pricing table. Transparency in pricing builds trust from the get-go.
  6. Set Realistic Expectations: SEO is not an overnight success. Be upfront about timelines and potential challenges. Clients appreciate honesty, and it sets the tone for a trustful relationship.
SEO Strategy Proposal Template for
SEO Strategy Proposal Template for

A Brief Look At Three Of The Best Proposal Software Tools

Summarising the advice from the three major players in proposal software, here’s the distilled wisdom of each on how to write an SEO proposal that converts. As a digital nomad and efficiency advocate, I find these tools powerful and useful.

Better Than All The Rest

A brief look at what Better Proposals say on writing an SEO proposal. I use this template as a starting point for my new business presentations. It’s easy to set up and I love the digital format. A web-based proposal sits so much better with an SEO proposal.

The Better Proposal strategists suggest you focus on:

Clarity and Specificity: Be clear about the services you offer and how they specifically benefit the client. Avoid jargon and explain SEO concepts in simple terms.

Tailored Solutions: Customise the proposal to address each client’s unique challenges and goals. Show understanding of their industry and target audience.

Transparent Pricing: Provide a detailed pricing structure that’s easy to understand. Include different packages or tiers if applicable.

SEO Proposal Template Case Study with Better Proposals
SEO Proposal Template Case Study with Better Proposals

Showcasing Results: Include case studies or examples of past success with SEO to build trust and credibility.

Professional Presentation: Use a clean, professional format that reflects your brand. Tools like Better Proposals can help create visually appealing documents.

Clear CTA: End with a strong call-to-action that guides the client on the next steps.

This approach aims to create a proposal that’s informative, persuasive, and aligned with the client’s needs.

The Big Bear Of Proposal Tools

PandaDoc, known for its expertise in document automation, emphasises several key points when it comes to crafting SEO proposals:

Customisation: Tailor each proposal to the specific client, highlighting how your SEO strategies align with their unique business goals and challenges.

Clarity and Detail: Clearly outline the SEO services offered, including specifics on deliverables, timelines, and strategies. Avoid jargon to ensure the client understands the value you’re providing.

PandaDoc SEO Proposal PDF Template
PandaDoc SEO Proposal PDF Template

Establishing Credibility: Include case studies, testimonials, and data-driven results from past projects to develop trust and demonstrate your track record of success.

Interactive Elements: Utilise the interactive features of PandaDoc to make proposals more engaging. This can include clickable content, embedded videos, or interactive pricing tables.

Follow-Up and Action Steps: Provide clear instructions on how clients can proceed if they wish to accept the proposal. Include a section for digital signatures for ease of closing.

Professional Appearance: Use PandaDoc’s templates and customisation options to ensure the proposal is informative and professionally presented, aligning with your brand identity.

PandaDoc focuses on creating SEO proposals that are informative, engaging, easy to understand, and visually appealing, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. Here’s what a PandaDoc SEO proposal template looks like.

The Proposal Shakedown WIth Proposify

Proposify, another prominent tool for creating business proposals, brings unique perspectives to crafting SEO proposals. While it shares some common ground with PandaDoc, Proposify emphasises certain aspects more heavily:

Engagement and Interactivity: Proposify focuses on making proposals interactive and engaging. This includes using multimedia elements and interactive quotes and allowing clients to choose from different service packages directly within the proposal.

Proposify SEO Proposal Template Design
Proposify SEO Proposal Template Design

Streamlined Process: Proposify advocates for a more streamlined proposal process, with easy-to-use templates that can be quickly customised for each client, thereby saving time and effort.

Data-Driven Insights: Proposify provides analytics and tracking features, enabling you to see how clients interact with your proposal. This information can be used to refine future proposals or follow up more effectively.

Client Collaboration: Proposify allows for greater collaboration within the proposal document. Clients can leave comments, ask questions, and provide feedback directly in the proposal, facilitating better communication and quicker revisions.

Closing Efficiency: The platform emphasises the importance of a clear and compelling call to action and simplifies the acceptance process with features like electronic signatures.

In summary, while Proposify covers many of the same bases as PandaDoc in terms of proposal content and structure, it emphasises proposal engagement, client interaction, and analytics to refine the proposal process.

However, both PandaDoc and Proposify SEO templates are PDF-based and look dated. Here’s an SEO proposal case study from an SEO agency to support these findings.

There’s Always Canva For Simple SEO Proposal Templates

Canva is a super handy option when creating an SEO proposal. There’s a bunch of templates to choose from but they require a great deal more effort to prepare compared to other templates and lack the deal metrics that the proposal software tools have.

Grow your audience with a First10 SEO plan
Grow your audience with a First10 SEO plan Your Partner in Winning SEO Proposals

At, we understand the intricacies of crafting proposals that convert. Our tailored SEO proposal templates are designed to help you win new clients, specifically for those in the freelancing and solopreneur space. Our expertise in strategic SEO services is embedded in these templates, giving you an edge in this competitive market.

Conclusion: Sealing the Deal with Confidence

In the freelancing and solo entrepreneurship world, your SEO proposal is more than a document – it’s your handshake, first impression, and pitch all rolled into one. With the right approach, personalization, and a touch of technology, your proposal can open doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Are you ready to craft an SEO proposal that stands out and converts? ​

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