It will take over 6 million years to watch all the video that will be streamed across the internet each month by 2016. We're just trying to make sure some of it's worth watching.

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Use video to get things moving

Video and moving image has become one of the fastest growing tools in digital marketing. And for one simple reason – it works. Stories abound of video boosting conversion rates by well over 100%. We’ve seen it first hand.

People now watch on-line video almost as often as they use search engines. Whereas before they were interested in funny clips, now they’re searching for much more to help answer questions and solve problems, including explainers, product reviews and how-to guides.

YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine – how good is your content in YouTube?

YouTube is no longer video’s only home. People like to see it on home pages, landing pages, blogs and social media. It’s a mainstream tool that customers like and are beginning to expect as standard.

Why is video so powerful?

Done well, video’s much more attention-grabbing than text alone. It captures and holds people’s interest and communicates clearly, quickly and memorably. How much easier is it to show someone how to change a tire than it is to explain it? How much more enticing is it to see a gadget in action than it is to read about it?

According to Cisco, watching videos will account for 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2016.

Video isn’t just successful in sending conversion rates through the roof. It can aid SEO by generating backlinks and helping you achieve a higher rank on search engine results pages.

And it can take you closer to your customers.

It works at every buyer stage

You can use videos at every point in your sales life-cycle. They can raise awareness, tell a story, share a concept and build desire. They can demonstrate products, provide training and generate leads. They can then convert leads, enable your customers to get involved and build a community. And they can do all this much cheaper than many other alternatives such as TV advertising.

We can do it all for you – including the marketing

It’s no surprise, then, that the number of videos we’re producing is increasing dramatically – from event coverage for PUMA to product demos for i-to-i and interviews with Joey Barton. We can do everything for you, including scripting, art direction, filming and editing.

And once your video’s produced, we’ll help you market it too.

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There are 3 things a well made video can do. It can...

  • 1) make something complicated seem simple.
  • 2) make an idea or story easy to share.
  • 3) inform about something by getting someones attention.

Here's some of the video's we've made recently...

First 10 Video Showreel

First 10 Showreel

Our first showreel, made up (mostly) of work from 2012. Some 2D, some 3D, some filmed

Smart Insights

Smart Insights Promo

A short animated promotional video we created for the Smart Insights website.

TEFL Courses

i-to-i TEFL Courses Overview

Following on from the last video we made for them, this one was created to give a general overview of TEFL Courses.

Sergio Aguero Behind The Scenes

PUMA Social | Sergio Agüero - Behind The Scenes

A behind-the-scenes video we made for PUMA at a photoshoot with Sergio Agüero.

PUMA Express Your Look Campaign (#pumalook)

PUMA Express Your Look Campaign Launch

A short information video video to spread the word about a competition involving Jamal Edwards

PUMA Express Your Look - Behind The Scenes (#pumalook)

PUMA #pumalook | Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes footage from the Jamal shoot, used by PUMA to help stir up some excitement around the campaign

TEFL Jobs Board

i-to-i TEFL Jobs Board Explainer Video

A cartoon style explainer video to help people understand, and encourage sign-up to i-to-i's TEFL Jobs Board

i-to-i's TEFL EDI Course

i-to-i TEFL EDI Course Explainer Video

Another short animated explainer video for i-to-i, this time promoting the benefits of their newly launched EDI course

Tilda Kids

Tilda Kids Animation

A short animation that was only ever really intended to be shown in presentations given by Tilda, a rice company, to help sell their new Kids range to UK supermarkets.

PUMA Squash 2000

Squash 2000 promo

The Squash 2000 was one of the original and best lightweight shoes for indoor sports and movement of its time.

PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede history

A brief history of the PUMA Suede

NUFC Kit Launch

NUFC 2012/13 Kit Launch - Behind The Scenes

To help NUFC let their fanbase know the new shirt was iminenet, we created another behind-the-scenes video of the kit photoshoot for them to share around eth web.