Joey Barton:
Brand New Website

We’ve been working with footballer Joe Barton for some time now. He’s one of the most driven and passionate people we’ve ever met and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Joe wanted a website, but the brief was pretty open. So we took the time to really understand him as a person, rather than the panto villain he’s so often portrayed as. As with any client, we needed to appreciate his motivations and goals, for now and the future, to make sure he has the digital tool-set available to best communicate what he wants. We used this to inform our brief.

Joe’s site is a rich, well-categorised blog that enables easy communication of what interests him – in and outside of football. More importantly, we’ve integrated a bespoke section called Have your say, where Joe can open discussion across a number of topics that he’s really passionate about and where he’s keen to engage with others. This section allows Joe to tag his tweets with a hashtag and have these pulled automatically into his site – useful when he’s so active on Twitter. We expect this section to form the core of the site over time.

It’s been an unusual project, working with a person as a brand as opposed to a business, and it’s something we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and have got a real taste for. As such a big character, and having worked with him for so long, we’re looking forward to working with Joe much more in the future.

You can see the site here.

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